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Product supply and delivery

Linoleum Flooring Guys supplies linoleum floors to architects, contractors and other suppliers who wish to distribute our products. If you are a contactor or you would want to distribute our products, call us on 888-490-2090 and let us know the amount of products you need. When you call us and place an order or use or order page to place an order, Linoleum Flooring Guys deliver the ordered products to you desired destination at the agreed time.



Linoleum floor is not only beautiful but it also available in different colors thus customers have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Linoleum Flooring Guys linoleum flooring is available in different textures which include; concrete, floral, geometry and graphical pattern, linear, marble among others. The wide variety of flooring makes it easier for a customer to choose the right flooring that suits their décor and one that matches with their taste of color. All us on 888-490-2090 for more information about Linoleum Flooring Guys linoleum flooring product range.



Other than supplying linoleum flooring, Linoleum Flooring Guys also offers linoleum flooring services. We help both home owners and businesses to install linoleum flooring. Whether you want linoleum flooring for your home or for your business; Linoleum Flooring Guys will provide you with quality linoleum floor material and also help you through the installation process. We also offer linoleum floor replacement and repair services. After using your linoleum floor for a long time; you might want to replace some parts that might look worn out and old. Linoleum Flooring Guys will provide you with the replacement parts and also help you replace the worn parts of the linoleum floor of your business or home.

Call us on 888-490-2090.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a floor covering made from linseed oil and hessian, with fillers of flax, chalk, or softwood, which is calendered to a smooth surface. Linoleum is soft, resilient, easy to maintain and durable since it oxidize and harden with age. Linoleum slowly gives off linseed oil vapor, killing bacteria without being toxic to humans. It is therefore safe to be used in your home or business. The only challenge associated with linoleum is that it suffers from indenting. If you are looking for soft, resilient, easy to maintain and durable flooring; linoleum flooring from Linoleum Flooring Guys is the answer to your needs.

Customer satisfaction

We at Linoleum Flooring Guys believe in providing customer satisfaction to all our customers. Customer satisfaction always comes first when providing our services or services. We value all our customers and always strive to ensure that they are not only happy with our services and products but they are also satisfied with our services and products. We always listen to our customers so as to understand and know what their needs and requirements are. It is through listening to our customers that we are able to know how we can improve our products and services. If you are looking for linoleum flooring that will give you value for your money, then is the company to choose. Call us today on 888-490-2090 and let us help you in linoleum flooring of your home or your business.

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